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Our general practioners facility is a partnership of all general practioners in the area of Schiedam, Vlaardingen en Maassluis. In turns, the general practioners work the evening- night- and weekend shifts in our general practioners emergency room that is located in the Franciscus hospital location Vlietland in Schiedam.

  Contact us when you are having an EMERGENCY outside the office hours and you need the urgent help of a general practioner. An emergency is an acute problem, illness or injury whose treatment medically can't be delayed untill the next work day.
  If you think you have to go to the Emergency Room, you need to contact our facility first. In order to go to the emergency room, you need a referral of the GP first.
  You will come in contact with our doctor's assistents, specially trained to triage. She works under the supervision of our GP on duty. She will ask you several questions to determine what's going on. He or she will determine the urgence ("how fast you must be seen by our GP) of your medical question and the following steps:
  - She will give you medical advice
- The GP will call you back for medical advice over the telephone
- She will make an appointment for you at our facility
- She will make an appointment for a GP to visit your house
- She will call an ambulance.
Always contact us first over the telephone.
Don't visit us without contacting us first, we work by appointments only.
Deaf or hard of hearing?
Call 112! They have an extensive chat option to help you. If necessary, they will contact us.
Emergencies at weekends or weeknights?

010 - 249 39 39

  Only in life threatening situations press 1.
Keep at hand:
  *  citizen service number
  *  additional insurance information
  *  current medicines overview

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